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About us
Frankly speaking, conceptually started as an office tool. Being an NRI Consultancy company,  for us at Keynote Corporate Counsels Pvt. Ltd., maintaining an updated copy of Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999,(FEMA),  and related Regulations was a basic requirement. What started as an office supporting exercise eventually created a full-fledged website on Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999 (FEMA). The site is created with basic objective of presentation of  most updated edition of the Act and Regulations as the main theme built on basic fundamentals of :
  1. Regular updation of Regulations
  2. Practical utility viz-a-viz absolute simplicity, and
  3. All this from the user's perspective.
One can not imagine talking about FEMA without thinking of Non Resident Indians (NRIs); returning NRIs and bankers who in all probability come closest to FEMA and related regulations. This has promted us to make specific sections for each of them as :
  1. NRI's Corner
  2. Returning NRIs' Corner, and  
  3. Bankers's Corner.
And  while doing so, it was also thought proper to incorporate relevant provisions of Direct Taxes namely the Income Tax Act, 1961 and the Wealth Tax Act, 1957.
focus: is created as a dedicated website focusing on Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and related Regulations. The site is designed as a day-to-day reference material for Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, NRI Consultants, Bankers and professionals as also NRIs at large.
the team: The core team of  comprises of practicing Chartered Accountants, NRI Consultants, Ex-Bankers and Computer Programmers.