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Non - Resident (External)- [NR(E)]




If a returnee NRI's stay in India exceeds 181/119 days during the financial year of return, he will be a " Resident " in India during the said year.  OR

His stay in India has been 60 days or more in that year, AND in the preceding 4 years, his total stay in India has been 365 days or more.

However, if he has been :

A Not Resident in 9 out of 10 Financial Years preceding that year OR
Has not stayed in India for 730 days or more in 7 financial years preceding that year, than although a Resident,  he will be treated as "Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident"
A Financial year commences on 1st April & ends on 31st March

It is important to note that the day of arrival and the day of departure are both included in number of days of stay in India.


And thereafter, for a period or 2 years following the date of return, he will be treated as a ''Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident''


This may seen complex but the real complexities are yet to follow and hence those viewers who do not have track-record of not being entangled by the web-man alais " the spider-man " i.e. , viewers not having track-record of reading entangling provisions of complex Laws may from now onwards slow down - dangerous curves ahead!!Sorry for the jokes but the matters are quite a bit complex indeed :

4 When an NRI returning for permanent settlement is required to immediately close his NR(E) account or funds held in these accounts at the option of the returning NRI's may be transferred to RFC accounts (if Returning NRI is eligible) immediately upon return to india for permanent settlement.

Now, in case of a Returning NRI Interest Income of NR(E) account is exempt from Tax uptil the date of return.