NRIs CORNER - Filing of Income-Tax Return

1.    Filing of Income-Tax Return
1.    If  the total Income of NRI during a financial year [ F.Y. ] exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax under Income-Tax Act,1961, he has to file his return of Income before specified due date i.e. July 31st after completion of the F.Y..
.02 Prior to filing of return, NRIs have to apply for Permanent Account Number (PAN) in Form No. 49A for Indian Citizen and in Form No. 49AA for Foreign Citizen of  the Income-Tax Rules, 1962.
.03 NRIs need not file return of Income in case.:
(i)   Total Income Includes only Long Term Capital gains  arising on transfer of a foreign exchange asset or Investment Income received from  foreign exchange asset and
(ii)  Tax has been deducted from such Income.
2.   Return by whom to be signed.
      The return under section 139 shall be signed and verified -
      (a) in case of an individual-
(i)    by the individual himself;
(ii)   where he is absent from India, by the individual himself or by some person duly authorised by him in this behalf; 
(iii)  where he is mentally incapacitated from attending to his affairs, by his guardian or any other person competent to act on his behalf;
(iv)  where, for any other reason, it is not possible for the individual to sign the return, by any person duly authorised by him in this behalf
Providedthat in a case referred to in sub-clause (ii) or sub-clause (iv), the person signing the return holds a valid power of attorney from the individual to do so, which shall be attached to the return.